The Seventh

The Rules

The Seventh game, also known as Sedma or Zsirozas, has the following rules:

  • there are 32 cards; there are 8 figures, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A; each figure has 4 cards
  • each player receives four random cards at the start of the game
  • the players drop a card, one at a time
  • implicitly, the first player takes the cards
  • if the second player drops a 7, or a card with the same figure as the first, then he can pick the cards instead
  • the first player can object in the previous situation but only if he drops as well a 7 or a card with the same figure as the first
  • after lifting the cards, each player receives an equal number of new cards so that they continue to have 4 cards each
  • there are 8 points: the 10 and A figures
  • the winner is that player who has more points at the end of the game

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