Privacy Policy

This privacy policy elaborates the ways in which personal data and information is collected and used when visiting the website.

When using a browser in order to visit, several information might be sent by your own browser towards our website. Among them, the following items might be received by us:

  • IP address - this is a code that consists of 4 numbers from 0 to 255, grouped together using dots (something like, where aa, bb, cc and dd are the numbers mentioned earlier). One IP is typically associated to only one computer which is connected to the Internet. However, recent technologies (proxy servers, etc) made it possible to associate to one IP dozens of computers, all of which are online. It is also possible that you send the IP address of a proxy, instead of your real IP address.
  • User Agent string - this is a string that is specific to the browser that you're using. Based on this string, someone could find out if you're using for example the latest version of Internet Explorer or not. In addition, together with the browser identification ID, other details might be sent as well, including your operating system, the URL of the page that you previously visited etc.
  • Cookies - those are strings saved by our website on your local storage device. You might be able to configure your browser to deny access to cookies, or to ask your approval for each cookie-related operation. Cookies are primarily used in order to help users by autocompleting authentication information for them, or in order to remember the user on its next visit on the website.
  • Additional information - Javascript or other web technologies can be used in order to find your screen resolution, your country or other details about yourself or your connection. collects, partially or completely, some or all of the items specified above. The main purpose in collecting those is to create statistical data based on it, which helps us identify key areas related to our website (for example, areas that are popular or areas that might need improvement).

Other purposes include those related to our website security and demographic analysis. Also, third party entities collaborate with us in order to provide analytics, advertisement-related or other services for our visitors; these entities have their own policies regarding privacy and data collection; you implicitly agree that the current policy is not applicable to them and you agree to be bound by their terms and policies with respect to the information which these third parties collect on their own. You can opt out from cookies used for behavioral advertising purposes for a large number of third party vendors by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Occasionally, we might request your email address for authentication purposes, or for communication-related activities. We have a zero-tolerance policy against spam, and we reserve to take the appropriate actions against users that abuse our facilities or services in order to promote, encourage or actually send spam email messages.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, with or without notification.

Should you have any questions or opinions about your privacy or about the terms of this privacy policy, feel free to contact us. We are eager to hear your suggestions.

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