Ball Shooter

Click the asterisk to start the game

Ball Shooter - Instructions

Ball Shooter is a free interactive online game where the speed of reaction and the aiming skills make the difference between a beginner and an expert player.

  • in order to start the game, click the '*' character in the center of the board
  • during the game you can see in the center of the screen the color of your own ball
  • you can insert your own ball into the ball stream using mouse movements for aiming and left-click for firing
  • the purpose of the game is to destroy the balls on the screen
  • in order to be destroyed, 3 or more consecutive balls having the same color must be formed
  • when a group of balls is destroyed, points are accumulated based on the number of balls that were in the group
  • the balls keep coming in a spiral-shaped form towards the center
  • the game is over when the balls manage to reach the center of the board

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