Online Test: Strange situations test

1. Suppose you were on the operation table (God forbid that). You are having your appendices removed by a very famous doctor. Let's imagine now that while performing the operation the doctor is explaining the entire process to a group of students and since you have not been put to sleep, you are able to hear him saying stuff similar to "I am just going to perform a small incision right here under the belly button ". Which would be your reaction?

2. Suppose you are an amateur tennis player and that you have a friend who has always been better at tennis and which has helped you to improve your play. One day he drops by and invites you to join him and his girlfriend for a tennis game. You decide to play one vs. one games so that the winner always stays in the field. You are surprised of the fact that today he is playing so clumsy and you suddenly realize that you could even beat him. What would you do think about this?

3. Suppose you are a merchant in ancient Arabia. One day you decide that it is time to fulfill your duty as a Muslim and to go in pilgrimage. Given that this trip usually took more than a year to fulfill, you sell all your things, rent your home, sell your store, save some money for the trip and you put the rest in a pot. You give the pot to your best friend. Knowing that he is a poor person and in order not to give him too many worries you tell him that the pot holds nothing more than olives and that when you come back they will be rotten, and so you will obtain a good medicine for your stomach illness. Years have passed and one night when the wife of your friend has a terrible stomachache, he looks into the pot in order to get some olives, but instead he finds gold. Thinking that you are probably dead, he takes all the money and keeps it to himself. When you come back home and discover this what would you do?

4. Suppose you are in a non-smoking cafeteria. You are sitting at a table and having a discussion with a friend of yours. Your friend is telling you something about how music has changed her life and how much fun she is having when talking to someone about it. You are sure that this is going to be a looooong story and you aren't really very interested in what she's saying. What would you do?

5. Let's imagine for a few seconds that as you are standing comfortably on your chair doing nothing more than clicking a link or two, bored of what's going on around you, an IM window pops up.
Keith: Where do you have this nickname from?
YOU: Do you like it?
Keith: Do I like it? I LOVE it, but I want it to be mine.
YOU: Laughs Out Loud.
YOU: Why do you want it?
Keith: I am trying to register this nick and I can't because you already took it.
Keith: Why have you done this to me?

6. Imagine this: This is WNW12W radio station broadcasting live on the Internet. This is John Mallroy that welcomes you to this edition of People ask Professionals Answer. Mr. Dean Dunn is here in our studio ready to answer your questions. Today topic is a very generous one: jobs and careers. Do you have a question about what you want to be? Do you want a recommendation? All you have to do is send a message at our station's email address and Mr. Dunn here will try to give an answer. Ok. I am going to read the first email... it's from someone called Jennifer and it sounds like this:
Dear John Mallroy,
I write this to you because I'm sure you're the one who's more able than anyone to help me through this. Ever since I was a child I liked music. That's the only thing I ever wanted to do, and until I was 18 I kept wishing that I were a singer. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but to my consolation I was hired to work for a local radio station. I was supposed to present a counseling show, just like the one you have. I dare say I loved what I was doing. I mean it was about entertaining people and stuff. Then the most incredible thing happened to me: they phoned me at home and told me that I shouldn't come to work anymore because they found somebody which apparently could do the job better than me. That somebody was YOU, John Mallroy. Please tell me what to do.

7. Let's imagine that your name was John. One day, while spending some time online, he meets this incredible person Sue, and has an interesting chat with her. She is just about his age, smart, she looks decent, has the most beautiful smile John has ever seen at a girl, lives in a nearby town, and what's more... she says she'd like to meet him the next day. John agrees and they decide to meet at 12:00 in the Blue Rocket Cafeteria, a nice cafeteria in John's town. The following day, John gets up early, rushes out and buys some beautiful roses and a box of finest chocolates available at the local store, has a shower, puts on his finest clothes and at about 11:00 he sets out for the meeting place. He gets there earlier, sits at a table, buys a drink and starts waiting. He starts thinking about what they are going to talk, about whether she can stay longer, when suddenly he notices that she has been waiting for him on the other side of the road. He quickly rushes to her, apologizes for the situation, and invites her inside the cafeteria. His heart pounding, his palms sweating, John shyly starts a conversation which goes on and on for a couple of hours. They are both enjoying themselves, the music, the drinks, and the tasteful cookies they've ordered. After a few hours of delightful conversation they realize that it was pretty late and that Sue should be going. When the waitress comes along and brings the bill, John realizes that he accidentally left his wallet at home and that he has no money with him. What should he do to solve this problem?

8. Suppose you are hired as an operator at a cost-free telephone number where people call to get advice and counseling. Hundreds of people dial this number every day looking for support and you have to be there for each of them doing your best and helping whenever possible. Some of them are people who are just bored and are looking for fun, some of them are having problems with their friends, some of them feel like talking about politics and laws, and last, but not least there are the category called "the old people". These are people who have passed a certain age, people who feel abandoned and neglected, people who really haven't got somebody close to talk to. For these people, the telephone is their only mean of communication to the world, the only world they know at their age. Every problem they have must be your problem also, you must get involved in it, and do whatever possible to help them. Suppose you have been working in this field for 15 years. You have a lot of experience, you've seen a lot and given advices for as far as you can remember. Now that you have such great experience in this field, can you please tell me why are these people neglected?

9. Suppose that there's this really nice girl/boy that you've known since you were children and which you admire. More than that you feel that somewhere inside you there's a feeling of love towards this person. You are in good relations, even though you don't spend too much time together, though you'd wish that to happen. Every time you meet her, she smiles at you and says hi, and that's why you sometimes get the feeling that she might also be liking you. But there are those times when you have very strong doubts about it. You see her/him hanging out with other people and apparently she acts the same like in your company. You flirt with her/him and she/he flirts back, but you don't know whether she/he likes you or not. Suppose that finally you decide to ask her/him whether she/he wanted you to be friends. What would you do if she said no?

10. Suppose you are working for this very important company as a software developer. You are a skilled programmer, who knows his place in society and who has always been kind, especially to ladies. Suppose that there is this person Jane working for the same company as a secretary. She is a nice and kind person, always trying to please everybody. Working in the same room with her is a delight. Everything would be just fine, if it wasn't for this boss of yours. Apparently there is something that might have occurred between them and at a certain point they decided it wasn't really working. Ever since that day he has been treating her like garbage. For example yesterday, when she brought him his morning coffee, instead of thanking her for it, he took a sip of it and threw it away saying that that was the worst coffee he had ever tasted. Beside this incident there are other situations when he calls her stupid and incompetent, which is so untrue. What would you do about it?

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